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Best VAT Consultants in Dubai - Financial Cube

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OVERVIEW OF VAT Consultants in Dubai, UAE

Financial cube is the hub of leading VAT consultants in Dubai, UAE. With a robust network and expertise in financial solutions based in the Gulf region. Our partnerships with experienced and a skilled team offers unmatched services in complete Tax integrations, accounting and bookkeeping.

 Financial cube is a curated boutique service provider with leading organizational skills in high level VAT implementation alongside all essential financial accounting compilations. With the expertise to generate customizable statements in accordance with respective accounting standards. As seasoned VAT experts in Dubai, we have over 250 satisfied clients all over Emirates with offices in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah.


Key Service Areas

Three words encapsulate the essence of what we strive to achieve.

VAT Consultation Overview

A brief note of VAT Consultation in Dubai

Why do you need VAT registration? The taxation policies in UAE? 

With investment friendly policies and modern infrastructure, Dubai and the UAE has been attracting new enterprises and seasoned entrepreneurs across the globe every year. Coming in with the dreams of enjoying a tax free regime. One surely hadn’t bothered about filing VAT or hiring a VAT consultant in Dubai until the 1st of Jan 2018, the historic day when Value Added Tax or VAT was added at the rate of 5% in the country for the first time ever for corporations that grossed the turnover threshold of DH 375,000 annually. This dramatic change has made VAT registration mandatory for some businesses to stay legally operational.  


Dubai VAT agent working on vat tax and accouting

More on VAT in Dubai, UAE

Our VAT Consultation Services

Includes a seamlessly quick hassle-free VAT registration and implementation. 

Involves annual and periodic audits conducted by experts. 

Includes in-depth tax consultations and authorised VAT registrations as per country regulations. 

Ensuring timely registration and tax liability management services. 

Includes custom bookkeeping services.

Includes a seamlessly quick hassle-free VAT registration and implementation. 

Involves quick and easy registration and deregistration of VAT with immediate effect. 

VAT Consultation Dubai FAQs

They offer tax management and tax planning solutions to every business sector in the country. It’s highly advisable for every successful enterprise to hire a professional tax consultant with the complete responsibility of keeping in a steady business growth and optimize resource management.  

A VAT consultant can save company assets, plan taxes well in advance, get rebates, gain VAT benefits and avoid late repayments. 

As per the Federal Tax Authority web portal office tax registration website (, here are the following guidelines to a successful VAT registration. 

  • Firstly, sign-up for an e-Services account through the FTA’s website and activate it.  
  • Secondly, access the e-Services account dashboard.  
  • Then, click on “Add New Taxable Person”.  
  • Click on “Register for VAT”.  
  • Lastly, complete the registration process. 

As per the official FTA e portal guidelines. (Refer 

And about 20 business days from the date of the completed application that is received. With a valid Trade License / Business License or  Passport/Emirates ID of the authorised signatory. 

However the general rule of thumb is about within a timeframe of approximate 30 days. 


List of documents requirements for VAT Registration in Dubai, UAE are-   

  • A copy of the registered Trade License.  
  • Passport copy of the owner/manager owning a trade license.  
  • Emirates ID copy of the owner/manager owning a trade license  
  • Contact Details of the company or office contact number.  
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA) – (not mandatory for individual establishments)  
  •  Contact details. (Mobile Number, Designation, Email Address)  
  • Furnish bank details (company’s bank account – Individual bank accounts may not be accepted) – (With detailed account name, Account Number, IBAN, Bank Name, Branch Name)  
  • Annual turnover declaration for the last one year or 12 months. (signed and stamped by the owner of the company and printed on the letterhead)  
  • Revenue & expense for next 30-days after getting the Tax Registration Number (TRN)  
  • The customs department attached a vide customs letter. 

While there are many good reasons to hire a professionally registered VAT consultant firm in Dubai for the purpose of VAT registration in the UAE. Here are some of the immediate benefits and reasons to do so. 

  • Saves time and makes the process hassle-free on the client end  
  • Benefits of tax saving, rebates on and returns
  • Providing accurate tax knowledge and services 
  • Better choices and facilitate decision making  
  • Dealing with tax authorities like the FTA and GCC at a personal level. 
  • Reliability and responsibility 
  • Helps the client to focus on other things. 

Financial cube is a modern and cohesive finance based network offering state of the art financial and taxation solutions, based in the UAE. A boutique service provider with a skilled team of professional accountants. Backed with years of experience and skilled technical field expertise. Financial cube is your one stop financial and tax solutions service provider in the UAE, offering high level VAT implementation, private consultation and tax agent services for all your business and accounting needs in the Gulf region.  

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