Mohammed Adel Ayyad is the co-founder and CEO of the Financial Cube. He graduated from Petra University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and passed the Certified Management Accounting exam. Mr.Ayyad is an accredited Tax Agent from the UAE Federal Tax Authority and passed the Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT) from the United Kingdom. He has an extensive command of the GCC Vat Law and IFRS. He further deals with international and local clients including banks, telecoms, real estate and construction. He is a frequent speaker at business and professional conferences and seminars and he has participated at the Training Committee, the Scheduling Committee and the Manager/Director Advisory Council. He has spoken and taught on international tax matters at various tax and financially related seminars in Jordan and India. He is often involved in the integration of post-transaction tax issues including addressing the business combination requirements and analyzing the tax treatment of transaction costs and simplifying the tax structure through entity rationalization.

ceo message

“In serving as your professional advisor in the tax and accounting arena, we realize that we are taking on enormous responsibility in providing you with timely and accurate advice and direction. Accordingly, we do not define ourselves based upon how firms perform; we define ourselves relative to our own standards of excellence.

We understand the new VAT compliances, help you in making the required adjustments, and manage the requisite changes in order to make your company VAT ready.

Accounting services are one of the features of Financial Cube. Business needs differ according to clients. Therefore, as a first step, we gain an in-depth understanding of each client’s business and then organize an optimal team to fulfil the client’s needs. One of our biggest advantages is this solid teamwork to provide a client with the best possible accounting services as a team.

We, all Financial Cube Staff, will continue to embrace this philosophy and further improve our service to create excellent value for our clients as a genuine business partner”

– Mohammed Adel Ayyad