How Can Outsourcing Accounting Services in Dubai Help You Save Money?

Outsourcing Accounting Service lady doing calculation for accounting services in Dubai

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Outsourcing accounting services in Dubai helps your business in many ways. Accounting is after all a time-consuming process, and this often wasted time can surely be better utilized in building customer relationships, ensuring better relationship management, or maximizing profits.

Moreover, staying on top of paperwork and tax filing is tiring. Going digital and paperless by oneself can be challenging too.

SMEs function with small teams. It’s normal for businesses to be transfixed with accounting tasks.

Outsourcing Accounting services ensures better performance for the business overall, allowing entrepreneurs and individual business owners to focus more on core needs. 

The Amazing Benefits of Outsourcing Accounting Services

Usually, average businesses spend about 1.5 to 3% of their annual revenue on hiring, training, and staffing their respective accounting in house departments.

For SMEs and individual businesses, in particular, this is quite a significant amount. Instead of having employees on payroll and spending the overhead expenses, one can save a lot just by simply outsourcing.

By outsourcing accounting services in the UAE, you get a team of experts available for your service at a certain fixed price.  

There is a reduced probability of miscalculations and errors, which is an added plus. One of the major cons of in-house accounting in especially small and medium-sized businesses is unwanted wastage of manpower, employees and labor costs on non-revenue generating tasks.

Outsourcing surely helps you overcome this overhead burden without compromising on the outputs. 


You won’t need to externally hunt or purchase any accounting software for your company, it will all be handled by the outsourced accounting firm. An added advantage to going paperless and digital in the UAE.  

In-House Accounting vs. Outsourced Accounting services in Dubai  

You might be choosing to have an in-house accounting specialist in your organization to take care of your accounting and compliance needs. However, it is not the smart option for multiple reasons:  

  • It is a very time-consuming, low profit and error-prone task that requires experience, expertise and care.  
  • Failure to comply with any of the tax laws can potentially render the business liable resulting in heavy unwarranted penalties.  
  • Moreover, the expenses and resources are better deployed for other aspects of business growth when outsourcing.  
  • Outsourcing is often the best option since you get experts to do their work at a usually economical cost.  
  • Attract more investors and buyers: All prospective investors and buyers will check your accounting records to doubly make sure the business is profitable. Invest in a proper accounting system to attract potential investors and buyers. You might also need it for crediting future bank loans.   
  • Whether planning to sell or not, it’s wise to have an idea of the business’s net worth. 
  • Maintaining regulatory compliance: Regulatory compliance refers to maintaining compliance with the country’s legal laws and standards. A company’s accounting books must MANDATORILY adhere to UAE regulations to avoid legal hassles or penalizations. Due to the rapidly changing taxation standards in the UAE, accounting support is often required to ensure steady compliance.  

Why do you need us?  

We ensure-  

  • Expert finance and accounting solutions  

  • Expert outsourced digital bookkeeping services 

  • Expert 24/7 business or company digital accounting support   

With the assistance of qualified chartered accountants and expert tax agents, Financial Cube can provide a complete accounting service solution. With our modern digital paperless bookkeeping, you will receive custom accounting solutions suited to your business needs and budget. Promising a better take on the daily task, maximizing time and energy to drive your business forward.   

About Financial Cube  

Financial Cube – has been guiding VAT registration in the UAE since its inception.  

We are a responsibly competent finance-based network offering accounting and taxation solutions, based in the UAE. With a service spectrum offered in filing taxations, auditing, accounting, and bookkeeping.  Financial cube is your truly wholesome financial service provider offering high level VAT implementation and tax agent services for all your business and accounting needs in the UAE 

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