We are an FTA Registered Tax Agents in Dubai

We provide legally authorized tax agency services while representing your company for tax-related concerns in front of the FTA. At Financial Cube, our services ensure that the duties of a tax agent are fulfilled with due diligence and all the tax related responsibilities fully undertaken and delivered. 

Financial Cube provides licensed tax agent services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, UAE and across the Gulf’s registered taxpayers. 

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Financial Cube provides affordable UAE Tax services digitally

With a cloud based paperless Digital Tax Clinic open 24/7. Our in house experts are available anytime digitally at affordable hiring rates.

We help stay VAT Compliant with FTA registered Tax Agents

We are a curated Tax Agency in the UAE. We ensure end-to-end support in every Tax related obligations. Our registered and skilled Tax Agents in UAE ensure you are always FTA compliant.

We always provide Transparent client communications

Financial Cube always acknowledges transparency in client communication in regards to consequences related to their Tax Matters and Tax Services.

tax agent services in dubai

Financial Cube’s exclusive tax agent services include- 

Providing advice and recommendations for managing VAT.

Monitoring of transactions to ascertain the scope for VAT.

Ensuring correct VAT rates and exemptions are applied.

Assist the taxable person with his taxobligations.

Support with tax inspections and litigation. Ensuring timely action to avoid costlypitfalls.

Represent the company to the FTA, as a TAX Agent.

Why Choose US for Tax Services in UAE

A tax agency can handle all the tax affairs of a company, while the business owner and the key management employees can focus on other tasks at hand. The following are the rewarding advantages of hiring a registered and licensed tax agency in Dubai, UAE.

Tax Assessments

Involves filing of returns and payments. Assistance during tax assessments and tax representations before the Federal tax authorities. Assisting and simplifying all formalities for taxpayers, easing their burden before the tax authorities.

Save Time & Money

From VAT registration, VAT planning and VAT advisory to regular VAT compliance in Dubai, U.A.E it is a time consuming expensive affair to manage the tax affairs. Appointing a tax agency saves time and cuts costs offering additional advantages.

Tax Implementation

Registering for VAT in Dubai requires guidance to apply, plan, and implement VAT in daily business operations. Successful VAT implementation requires understanding the transaction processes and the recurring VAT implications.

Assists Returns filings

Filing returns with the Federal tax authority in Dubai U.A.E is a periodic task and should be done on a timely basis with accuracy. Delays and inaccurate returns can warrant huge penalties from the Federal Tax Authority.

Long-Term Guidance 

A tax agency acts as a long-term advisor throughout multiple business transactions. Including advising on any major changes in government policies, modifications in tax laws, updates, and other tax related clarifications.

Tax agency Dubai FAQ’s

A licensed tax agent is an FTA registered appointee by tax registrants, representing them before the FTA and assisting in the assessment of their tax obligations- exercising their associated tax rights. The licensed tax agent is a legal representative for the company before the FTA in any tax-related matters. Licensed tax agents can ensure that businesses are complying in tandem with their expected tax obligations. 

Registered Tax Agents in Dubai, UAE 

Who are Tax Agents as per UAE Law? 

 Federal Law No (7) of 2017 on tax procedures specifies the appointment of a tax agent to represent taxable persons before the Federal tax authority (FTA) in regards to tax affairs and taxable obligations.  

While a tax agent is meant to help make businesses compliant of their tax obligations, it’s however not mandatory for a taxable person to appoint a tax agent or agency. The act of appointment of a tax agent or agency does not relieve the taxable person or organization of their obligations in any form or manner; the taxable person bears the full legal responsibility for the dealings with the FTA by the appointed tax agent or agency on their behalf 

When a company appoints a tax agent or a licensed agency to act on its behalf, the appointed tax agents or agency are expected to faithfully abide by the following duties with due diligence- 

  • Assist the client with tax obligations 
  • Securely maintain client confidentiality 
  • Refusal to participate in acts involving breach of law 
  • Renew tax agency listings timely before license expiration 
  • A tax agent ensures timely submission of VAT returns, reconciliation.
  • Reviewing of VAT records, returns & reconciliation.
  • Providing advisories on client’s clarifications and FTA notifications.
  • Representing the client before the FTA for tax matters.
  • Reviewing and customization of source documents. 

For appropriate monitoring of account books and other financial records, the role of a tax agent becomes irreplaceably important. A tax agency can assist businessman in complying with their taxable obligations on time. Every taxable individual should maintain books of financial accounts and records for a minimum of 5 years. 

The specific cost of tax consultancy services in Dubai depends solely on annual transactions and turnover of the company. For example, Tax consultancy or advisory, as well as VAT return filing in Dubai, is approximately AED 500/- per month for 100 transactions and annual turnover up to 1 million AED. 

Financial Cube ensures timely VAT planning in UAE 

  • With custom VAT advisory services. 
  • Recommending VAT registration for a single entity or a tax group. 
  • Helping in application of reverse charge mechanism for Imports. Guidelines on Intra GCC trade. 
  • Conducting internal VAT training building tax awareness among internal business staff members. 

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