What do VAT Consultants offer your Business in Gulf?

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VAT Consultants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi deal with providing quality tax consultation services. All tax-related issues need to be managed by businesses in an effective way. It is important to make sure that the tax position of the business is not affected in a negative manner. The key role of VAT consultants is to manage tax issues and making sure that the business compiles with all the stipulated rules and regulations. They effectively control the VAT position of the business by offering numerous services.

VAT consultants are certified professionals, offering comprehensive tax service, ranging from registration to informing employees on the financial impact of VAT, on various goods and services of the company. When you hire a VAT consultant in  Dubai, you can have your tax obligation effectively managed. No matter what type of business you run, VAT registration is mandatory.

VAT tax is known as an indirect tax or a consumer tax that is charged at each point of the supply chain and is ultimately paid by the end user or consumer. Value added tax was introduced in the Gulf reuion to assist the country’s government in decreasing the dependence on oil, petroleum and hydrocarbon products as the main source of income. This will lead to greater wealth and better overall facilities.

As tax rates change from time to time, it is crucial to keep up with the needs of the management. Getting VAT consultancy services, will greatly assist in meeting your business goals and save much-needed time. Experts have the information that is essential, and keep up to date on developments in the industry. They will provide help with filing returns on time and making payments before deadlines. One need not worry about hiring a specialised employee for the task when there are reliable firms that will provide VAT consultation services for a reasonable fee.

You can expect your returns to be filed on time and you will be able to prepare financial statements for your business with relative ease. Understanding the applicability of VAT taxes for a business requires professional knowledge and experience. Experienced professionals will be able to decide if your company should to apply for VAT and how you need to go about the complicated procedure.

As VAT tax has been a rather recent introduction in the UAE, it is important to remember that hiring a VAT consultant will be extremely helpful and assist with clearing the doubts that come with it. They’ll have a well-based knowledge on the subject, therefore, they can be trusted with ensuring that your business is safe. When you hire a consultant for your VAT needs, one need not spend time deciphering the various rules and regulations related to the tax. This can be left entirely in the hands of the VAT consultancy services provider.

A key point to remember about the VAT tax is to adhere to the stipulated laws that the government bodies require businesses to follow. In the UAE the VAT tax rate is at 5%. VAT tax is a great new source of income for the country which will be utilized for public services and it also offers the benefit of reducing the nation’s dependency on the oil industry and others.

What is the role of a VAT Consultant?

Having an expert that can guide you through the complex issues related to tax is valuable. VAT consultants will help with tax filing, paying and relevant matters. As the legislation of any country changes, staying in compliance with these rules is a must.

1) Regular Monitoring of Financial Transactions

In order to help business activities to run smoothly, they must be monitored regularly. Qualified VAT consultants should be in attendance to keep a check on transactions. During the process of supervision, the consultant can advise the firm on fronts where certain actions are necessary. VAT tax consultants keep the company informed about when it should apply for registration for the tax while providing reasons why these actions are required.

2) Keep Updated on the latest Policy Changes

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Fig 1.  Keeping Updated on the latest Policy Changes- What Do VAT Consultants offer your Business?



3) Dealing with Complications

The process of VAT registration is complicated and requires several technical steps. Businesses often lack the information that is needed to go about completing the procedure on their own. Hiring an expert consultant will help provide adequate assistance. Specialists in VAT consultancy will offer advice on what the business should do next. Instead of struggling with the complicated rules of calculating output and input taxes and making errors, it is better to let the professionals deal with the matter.

4) Communication with Authorities

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Fig 2.Communications with the Authorities – What Do VAT Consultants offer your Business?

VAT tax issues are not only related to tax paying but also include broader factors. An example is dealing with the tax authorities. This requires efficient and appropriate communication with the relevant government bodies, in order to deliver complete information. Such kinds of communication are best left to professionals such as VAT consultants in Abu Dhabi, to handle the task at hand without any problems.

5. Tracking Information

tracking information using magnifying glass
Fig 3. Tracking Information – What Do VAT Consultants offer your Business?

Accounting and bookkeeping information is usually required during the process of filing for VAT returns. Due to the vast array of reports and needed data, a business can find the whole procedure tedious and difficult. Such situations call for an experienced VAT consultant. Experts on VAT can make the process easier. They can extract the necessary data from a business’s financial system and complete the procedure with no problems. The VAT tax consultants are well versed in the knowledge required and can educate others on further steps to be taken.

6) Accuracy

When a firm has been registered, it has to submit the requested documents as accurately and as fast as possible. The authorities that are in charge of taxes need all businesses to follow a standard set format, keeping in mind the deadlines. Therefore, to aid this laborious process, one can hire a reliable VAT consultant in Dubai, to take the necessary steps.

7) Handling Audits

employees Handling-Audits
Fig 4. Handling Audits – What Do VAT Consultants offer your Business?

Another very important need for VAT consultancy services is to ensure that everything is in place when an audit is due. During an audit, a business has to defend its operations accurately. In such situations, VAT consultants prove highly useful as they make sure that the firm follows the required regulations and standards. Once the rules are complied with, when it is time for the audit, the company will have a strong defence for its finances. These benefits await those in need of a VAT consultant.

These are the many ways that VAT consultants in Abu Dhabi and Dubai can prove useful for any business in order to achieve long-term success and manage its position. Maintaining a good rapport with the government through VAT compliance is essential. Arranging for the services of a VAT consultant will ensure that a company is looked after on all tax compliance fronts, including defending it financially. Taking into account the global opportunities for your company, it is important to focus all attention on your business and leave the VAT issues to the professionals.

Expert VAT Consultants in Gulf

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