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Best VAT Consultants in Sharjah


OVERVIEW OF the best VAT Consultancy in Sharjah

Financial cube is the hub of leading VAT consultants in the UAE. With a robust network and expertise in financial solutions based in the Gulf region. Our partnerships with experienced and a skilled team offers unmatched services in complete Tax integrations, accounting and bookkeeping.

Financial cube a is a professional vat consultant in Sharjah with leading organizational skills in high level VAT implementation alongside all essential financial accounting compilations. With the expertise to generate customizable statements in accordance with respective accounting standards. As seasoned VAT experts in Sharjah, we have over 250 satisfied clients all over the Emirates with offices in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah.


Key VAT Consultancy Service Areas

Three words encapsulate the essence of what we strive to achieve.

VAT Consultation Overview

A brief note of VAT Consultation service in
Sharjah, UAE

Why do you need VAT registration? The taxation policies in UAE? 

With investment friendly policies and modern infrastructure, UAE has been attracting new enterprises and seasoned entrepreneurs across the globe every year. Coming in with the dreams of enjoying a tax-free regime. One surely hadn’t bothered about filing VAT or hiring a professional VAT consultation service in Sharjah until the 1st of Jan 2018, the historic day when Value Added Tax or VAT was added at the rate of 5% in the country for the first time ever for business that grossed the turnover threshold of DH 375,000 annually. This dramatic change has made VAT registration mandatory for businesses to stay legally operational.  

VAT Consultants working on vat tax and accounting

More on VAT Services in Sharjah, UAE

Our VAT Consultation Services

VAT Transaction

Includes custom bookkeeping services.

VAT Returns Filing

For timely vat return submission and any refunds.

VAT Registrations

Involves hassle free process registration and deregistration of VAT with immediate effect.

VAT Audit

Involves annual and periodic audits conducted by experts.


Includes skillful auditing by a team of technical experts with prior experience in finance management and chartered accountancy. 


Involves digital financial data storage and management organizing all finance and taxation related data in one place.

Advisory on VAT

Includes in-depth tax consultations and authorized VAT registrations as per FTA regulations.

VAT Compliance

Ensuring timely registration and tax liability management services.

Review of Invoices

Ensure complete transparency fulfilling all tax responsibilities.

Client Management

To customize taxation solutions in accordance with client needs.

VAT Liabilities

With timely tax management services and organizational skills we minimize VAT Liabilities.

Risks Identification

Compliance risk & transactional risk will be identified ahead and smoothen the work process.

Why Choose Our VAT Consultancy Services?

Legally Registered & Authorized Tax Agents

Tax agents are the peacemakers between the FTA and the taxable payers in the UAE. Financial Cube is a professional tax advisor team and is a federally authorized practitioner recognized by the Federal Tax Authority. We assist taxpayers to manage with their tax obligations.

Customer Care and Support Team

As trusted financial guides and collaborators. We cater personally to all startups, SMEs and medium scale industry players alongside catering our bigger global clientele. The key to our good customer service is building upon a good client relationship and ensuring trust and confidentiality.

Qualifications & Aunthenticity

The Financial Cube team is professionally qualified as certified Chartered Accountants, management accountants (CMA), Certified Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT) and certified public accountant (CPA).

Client Confidentiality

All client information is kept confidential and remains undisclosed in all circumstances to third parties.

Vat Experts in the UAE

Trained tax professionals with skilled experience in VAT implementation perform detailed transaction analysis highlighting areas warranting clearance or discussion. Skillful VAT planning and compliance. With years of experience and expertise in finance auditing and tax management by a team of skilled professionals proficient in business accountancy.

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