Financial Audit & Assurance Service Abu Dhabi

A financial audit is conducting a thorough examination of the financial records of a company. This examination will bring in view several essential conclusions such as future business focus, resource management, etc. Helping in predictive maintenance and future decision making. 

There are very subtle differences between Internal audits and External audits in the UAE. The differences primarily are within company categorizations in terms of conducting internal or external audits for reference.  


Our Audit & Assurance Services

Our varied range of professional industry standard audit and assurance services include 

External audit

It's an independent report analysis of a company's state of affairs to make sure its internal services are in line with external regulatory bodies.

Diligence audits

Involves analyzing and identifying individual, legal and financial risks involved in investing in any particular businesses.

IFRS advisory services

Involves issuing statutory report requirements in line with the IFRS or International Financial Reporting Standards followed in Abu Dhabi.

Internal audit

Involves placing a predictive and perceptive internal auditing system that's adaptable to the companies changing environments and evolving growth models.

Operational audits

Involves a systemic evaluation of the organization's operational efficiency and resource management.

Forensic audits

Involves- identifying and unearthing hidden internal fraudulent account loopholes.

Fraud investigations audits

Involves investigating perpetrators creating fraudulent transactions for personal gains.

VAT Audit

This involves the VAT services rather than with the examination of business records. A VAT audit is a thorough examination of all the ledgers and trial balance of the company by authorized Tax Agents.

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Why Choose our Audit Services

The periodic audits of a company does not jeopardize its time and resources, although it’s possible that the company may have to temporarily halt internal operations for a while. Still, the advantages of a financial audit far outweigh the often overlooked and unforeseen problems caused to a business due to it. Some of the benefits of a periodic Financial Audits are – 

The importance of auditing services and its various benefits should be availed by everyone. There are multiple benefits of conducting audits for a company.

More about Financial Audit & Assurance Service in Abu Dhabi

Audit & Assurance services in Abu Dhabi go way beyond the conventional game of figures and verifications. It involves a complex inspection and a thorough review of the client’s accounts and controls. Preferably conducted by an external vendor or service provider, preferably outside the company peripherals for an unbiased reporting of the organization’s financial position and internal state of affairs. 


It’s practically impossible for business owners and investors to take time off from their busy schedules packed with several  core functional activities including client meetups, travels, administration and executional tasks. Making it practically imperative to hire an external auditing service provider to check in on the company’s overall performance, manage account controls and keep a tap on the internal affairs. Here’s why a trusted audit and assurance provider in Abu Dhabi plays a vital role in building goodwill and generating stakeholder trust. 

The unbiased audit report provides an opinionated review of the company’s financial statements that is both acceptable and acknowledged for its authenticity worldwide in line with the international auditing criteria. 

Regulations, history, and facts 

The GCC or Gulf Cooperation council has timely understood the importance of Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) and has taken historic legal steps in an erstwhile tax-free regime to welcome and authorize foreign businesses in the country. 

Now every company in the United Arab Emirates must prepare an annual audit report. Although many jurisdictions defer compulsory submissions to the concerned authority, nevertheless it is recommended that every business should prepare an annual audit report of the business. 

The team of professional auditors conducts periodic audits of a business. In a company incorporated in the Mainland, the management may choose any random individual auditor but in the free zones, only an approved auditor or audit firm can officially conduct an authorized financial audit. 

Audit requirements for a company are different in different jurisdictions. According to the size and nature of the business, its management should well plan and conduct the business audit. Advisably companies should conduct audits via our dedicated professionals which will help you understand your business better. 

According to Commercial Companies Law, all companies which have been established in the Mainland must maintain the financial records of the company for at least the past five (5) years and get the financial records of the company annually audited 

For a Free Zone company, an annual audit may not be a mandatory requirement. It solely depends upon the regulations of the free zone in which the company has been established. 

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