VAT Implementation in Dubai, UAE

VAT support services in the UAE unanimously work as the most crucial step in improving the overall economic sector. VAT or Value-added-tax is the common and most relevant type of consumption taxation implemented in more than 150 countries across the globe. UAE is among the recent addition to this growing list. 

VAT implementation in Dubai allows businesses to carefully and periodically document their annual income costs and the respective charges associated with them. VAT is a tax charged at each stage of the supply chain and the end consumer generally bears the entire added costs. The businesses collect VAT by acting as tax collectors on behalf of the government. 

vat implementation in dubai

VAT Support and Implementation in Dubai Overview

  • VAT was first introduced in the UAE on the 1st of January 2018 with a standardized rate of 5%. The UAE and the Federal Emirates governments are known to provide their citizens and residents with various different public amenities and services. It ensures a continuous provision of high-quality public amenities, infrastructure, and services that are well maintained for the future. 
  • Businesses need mandatory VAT registration if the taxable supplies exceed a threshold of AED 375,000. Furthermore, all businesses can ideally register voluntarily if their threshold of AED 187,500. 
  • At Financial Cube we have skilled and highly qualified tax advisors helping businesses set up a perfect VAT system integration. Whether it’s any type of service based or any trade industry, we provide the best solutions in VAT implementation across pan UAE. 
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Benefits of VAT implementation in Dubai

VAT implementation in Dubai allows businesses to upkeep and record their financial transactions ensuring that their accounts are accurately balanced and up-to-date. Businesses with a minimum annual turnover over the permissible threshold are required to legally register for VAT. 

Backed a team of expert accounting professionals, we at Financial Cube manage all your financial records and keep it up-to-date digitally. 

Our VAT Support in Dubai

VAT implementation plans & approaches

Evaluating business transactions

The transactions assessment with hassle-free implementation.

Identifying implications

Finding suitable VAT service plans, and recognizing the implications based on the present model.

VAT assessments

Assessing VAT readiness of business platforms and making to incorporate new implementation.

VAT blueprint design

Having a blueprint outlining VAT implementation on the current business model.

Reconfiguration of IT system

Readjusting IT systems according to the VAT regulations.

Our VAT support service list 

Complete analysis of financial environments

We analyse & understand all the processes of the business.

Conducting trainings

Training session will be held for business departments assisting in the proper implementation of the VAT system.

Calculating VAT impact on businesses

R&D on how VAT affects companies working capital, profits, and expenses.

Filing VAT registration

Assisting in filing forms and exercising relevant procedures to enhance VAT registration with the FTA or Federal tax authorities.

Analysing VAT on account systems

Custom VAT accounting services for private businesses.

VAT return filing

Every month end, the FTA owes you a total tax liability; we help with the computation of exact credit amount and assist filing of the return.

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VAT implementation & Support in Dubai FAQ’s

Businesses must MANDATORILY register for VAT only if the taxable supplies exceed an annual threshold of AED 375,000. Furthermore, businesses should register voluntarily, if their imports are less than the mandatory registration threshold but exceed the voluntary registration threshold of AED 187,500.  

We at Financial Cube, provide one of the best VAT implementation guidance in Dubai directly from our in-house VAT experts. Having in-depth knowledge concerning the rules and regulations of VAT calculation and payments. 

We can easily tackle all complex bookkeeping and manage your accounting needs. We are a team comprising of the most-competent VAT experts in the industry, and we also educate our tax payers about various tax changes and any updates. 

Ensuring a reduced timeline for VAT analysis, making sure that every VAT aspect is ideally accurate. We also deal with all kinds of risk management endeavours and suggest potential safer alternatives! Financial Cube offers one of the best VAT implementations in UAE across all possible business sectors. 

The best VAT consultants with remarkable field knowledge in both tax laws and regulations- 

  • VAT implementation in UAE makes sure every VAT submission is accurate 
  • VAT consultants analyse and assess the timelines of VAT compliance 
  • They reduce risks by finding the better alternatives to decrease the possible hazards and penalizations related to VAT

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