VAT Refund Services in Dubai


Are you a business owner in Dubai, UAE struggling with VAT refunds or recoveries? Look no further .

Our custom VAT refund/recovery services are here to help. We specialize in aiding all businesses across Dubai to recover the VAT they’re entitled to, and help in improving their overall financial management.

Our company offers a range of services to help all businesses navigate the complex process of VAT refunds/recovery, ensuring a complete compliance with all the FTA enlisted VAT regulations.

VAT refund/recovery process:

Our VAT refund/recovery service is designed to be minimal, simple and hassle-free especially for our clients understanding. We will guide you through the processes right from the start to finish, ensuring that all necessary steps are taken to fully maximize your VAT refund/recovery.

The entire end-to-end process involves the following steps:

Eligibility criteria: We will assess your business’s eligibility for VAT refund/recovery.

Documents required: We will guide you on the documents required to support your VAT refund/recovery claim.

Timeline: We will provide you with a tentative timeline for the VAT refund/recovery process and keep you updated throughout.

Benefits of VAT refund/recovery

Cost savings: Our service helps businesses recover VAT that they are entitled to, resulting in significant cost savings.

Increased cash flow: VAT refunds/recovery can result in increased liquid cash flow, which can be used to further reinvest in the business.

Compliance: Our service ensures complete compliance with all VAT regulations, avoiding potential fines and penalizations.

Improved financial management: By recovering VAT, businesses can further improve their financial management, encouraging better decision making skills

Why choose our company for VAT refund/recovery service:

Our company boasts of an extensively seasoned experience portfolio in VAT refund/recovery, backed by our specialized team of tax professionals that are fully dedicated to helping across all businesses based in Dubai and the UAE.

Offering a highly tailored approach to fully meet each client’s specific needs, and powered with our competitive pricing policy that further ensures our services are accessible across all individuals and businesses of all sizes.


Q: Who is eligible for VAT refund/recovery?

A: Businesses registered for VAT in the UAE having prior incurred VAT on business expenses can be deemed eligible for VAT refund/recovery.

Q: How long does the VAT refund/recovery process take?

A: The timeline for the VAT refund/recovery process varies accordingly depending on the complexity of the claim. Our team maps out a probable timeline at the beginning of the process, keeping you updated throughout.

Q: What documents are required for VAT refund/recovery?

A: The requisite documents for VAT refund/recovery include tax invoices, import/export documentation, and a proof of payment.

Learn more about our VAT consultation services in Dubai, UAE. If you’re interested in our VAT refund/recovery service or have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our dedicated team is available to assist you at every step and provide a tailored solution that meets all your needs. Get in touch today to pre-schedule a consultation.